Unlocking potential through

business analytics

From implementing new business strategies to ultra-efficient work processes, Packard Co is ready to tackle any challenge and put you on the path to success. Since 2017, we’ve helped our Australian clients by delivering services that transform the way they do business. Having a business can be scary, especially when it comes to crunching the numbers. Using the power of analytics we can help you truly understanding what your website data means, how it affects you and how you can positively influence them for better results. 

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Your data is useless...

... without insights.


Google Analytics

How do you collect data?

Customer Tracking

How do we understand it?


1. Analyse the data and discover what lies beneath

2. Compare the different input sources

3. Find the patterns and the missing pieces

Discover what lies beneath

Look deeper into the numbers and uncover underlying behaviors to improve your business


Compare the input sources

One set of data from one source won't show the bigger picture. Comparing everything opens up all avenues.


Find the missing pieces

The data isn't always complete and we need to learn more. Through analytics, we at least know what piece of the puzzle we are trying to find.


Ready to unlock your potential?


So, what can we actually do?

At Packard Co., we believe in three core values. These are; Innovation, Productivity and Longevity. These core values lay the foundation for how we work and what we can bring to your business. Here are a few of the many ways we can help your business implement and thrive off of core values:

  • Website Traffic Analytics

  • Website and Online Store Creation

  • Business Financial Analytics

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Business Cards & Logos

  • Business Re-branding

  • Flyers & Posters

  • Google My Business Setup and Maintenance

We can package our services and tailor make them to your businesses wants and needs.

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